Nikolai Dobreff is an
Art Director, Graphic Designer, Writer, Coder & Photographer for brands and people with a mission. He also initiated
Heart Directors Club

He’s based in Hamburg

Photo projects

AboutBrutalism facing Kitsch in Skopje.

CKONJE Architecture 2019

AboutOrdinary urban phenomena and deserted coordinates.

Nothing Special Architecture 2018 — ongoing

AboutTraveling in South America for the first time alone.

Solo Travel 2016

AboutTraveling Morocco

Morocco Travel 2018

AboutAlterlaa is the biggest social housing project in Vienna.

Alterlaa Architecture 2018

AboutThe hidden parts of Amalfi.

Viva Italia Travel 2018

AboutA roadtrip along the Aegean Sea.

Istanbul Saloniki Travel 2017

AboutTel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Dead Sea, Eilat & Beersheba.

Israel + Palestine Travel 2016 — 2017

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Nikolai Dobreff
Neuhöfer Str 23
21107 Hamburg